Screenor is a Finnish company specialized in the protection of mobile devices. Screenor offers you the broadest and most comprehensive selection of screen protectors and protective cases.


SCREENOR Screen Protectors have been designed to eliminate one of the most common reasons to damage to mobile devices. How easily is the device accidentally dropped or it takes a hit which breaks the screen?! Even if the phone continues functioning the broken screen can cause many kinds of harm and trouble, and it is rather expensive to replace. The Screenor Screen Protector takes the hit directed at the screen and absorbs the damaging force. The life-span of your device is extended and the Screenor Screen Protectors even give you extra value with their special qualities.

The best selling Tempered screen protectors are made of hardened glass, which is at least 9 times stronger than ordinary glass. It gives ultimate protection to the screen of your mobile device against hits, bumps and scratches. The special coating helps wipe out fingerprints and smudge  and the phone remains always fresh and tidy. 

Or maybe you will find your favourite in our wide selection of laminate screen protectors whether you simply wish to have an as invisible protector as possible (Original), if you value the fingerprint elimination (Matte), or the special structure which keeps the contents of your screen private from unwanted eyes (Privacy), for example! Please browse our pages to learn more about all the different SCREENOR Screen Protectors.

Each package also contains the tools necessary in a successful installation, a cleaning cloth, and clear step-by-step instructions that make the assembly easy and simple.


SCREENOR manufactures also a comprehensive selection of protective cases and covers for both mobile phones and tablets.

SMART -cases are wallet style cases that come in many colors to an extensive range of phones. Or maybe you prefer the practical Bumper -cover that is made of flexible plastic in a variety of colors? 

PREMIUM cases are designed for the more demanding users. The cases are made of genuine leather with special attention to every little detail, and give your device a more luxurious touch in a selection of classical colours.

Under these main categories you are sure to find the cases that meet your demands for every different style and situation.

Tablets need protection as well. We manufacture an UNIVERSAL range of tablet cases where you will find a suitable case for every tablet model, up to screen size 12.4". Also these cases come in a selection of stylish colors so that you can customize your tablet as you please.

Welcome to browse our website and webshop - and if there are any questions we will be glad to answer them for you!