SCREENOR is a Finnish trademark. We have specialized in the outer protection of mobile devices. Our ambition is to manufacture the very best accessories in the market and our goal is always customer satisfaction.  Hence, you can rely on us for the best available accessories.  

Our company offices and warehouse are located in Turku, Finland. Screenor -trademark is owned by ALLit Ltd. We have been manufacturing cellular accessories since 2001. The owner of ALLt Ltd is the capital investment company Emile Capital Ltd. 

Our core products are Screenor Tempered Screen Protecting Glasses, and also the standard Screen Protectors made of laminated multilayered plastic. 

The TEMPERED Screen Protector is manufactured of specially processed glass which has reinforced shock-absorbency. It is 9 times harder than standard glass, and hardest available in the market for screen protectors. It protects the screen from damage and it is specially coated to keep the screen clear and tidy. Although it may break from hardest hits, it remains a sheet of shards which is easy to remove and there are no sharp splinters. The Screenor Tempered screen protecting glass is the true quality choice and we give it our very unique installation- and durability guarantee. 

As a more standard choice we also manufacture laminated multilayer plastic screen protectors which give reasonable protection to the screen against wearing and tearing in everyday normal use. The basic ORIGINAL -screen protectors are manufactured to the widest range of even such phones that are not sold any more. So whether your phone is brand new or not so pristine, we probably have the ORIGINAL screen protector for you.

Our phone cases and covers come in two main lines. SMART -phone cases are our highly popular wallet style cases with front cover whereas FLEX -covers are made of flexible plastic materials. They are both available in a spectrum of colours for a truly wide range of mobile phones. Both our cases and covers have to pass a strict quality control 

For tablets we manufacture Screen Protectors both in glass and in laminated plastic. The screen protectors are always designed to a specific tablet model and they fit exactly and reliably to the screen. Our UNIVERSAL -tablet cases is, as the name says, a universal line, where you will find a suitable case for any tablet by making your selection as per the size of the screen. UNIVERSAL -tablet cases cover all tablets up to the screen size 12.4”. 

Our products are designed in Finland to meet the European standards and requirements. They are manufactured by our contracted manufacturers in China. 

Our trademarks also include GRATEQ, which is our line of charging accessories for mobile phones and tablets: USB cables, QI -compatible charging devices and travel chargers from Power Banks to  12/24V car chargers. 


SCREENOR Screen Protectors and Protective Cases are sold widely in Finland and exported to other European countries by our expanding network of local wholesalers.

If you are interested in introducing our products to your market, we are glad to start negotiations for co-operation.

You will find our contact information for international dealers in the 'Contact' -page.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.